Thursday, 12 June 2008

The Cleaner

Recently, I've been slightly embarrassed because I keep on bumping into the male cleaner at UEA. This obviously wouldn't be too bad if he hadn't opened the door to our office while I was taking my clothes off.

OK - that sounds slightly dodgy but let me explain! I often go swimming and so I thought I'd change in the office. Arthur was passing me my swimming costume and the cleaner came in when I was half-naked. Matters were made worse because it looked like Arthur was taking off my trunks rather than passing them to me... Neither did Arthur make things better by going bright red and turning his back... So I had to pass the bin - while still half-naked to the cleaner. To be fair I think the cleaner had the greater shock. As soon as he left we burst out laughing.

Anyway, I do wonder whether he's told all his cleaner friends that he saw a pair of poofs at it in the history department, or whether he's too uncomfortable to even mention it to anyone..

He is friendlier now.

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Anonymous said...

Even having heard that story before, I still laughed! I think you may have unleashed a worrying trend in the cleaning department, raising all kinds of expectations. In the lift a couple of weeks a go, a cleaner offered to oil me! (baby oil - used to clean and polish the stainless steel.) Very, very alarming!